ТОП Букмекерских контор
Букмекер Рейтинг WB Бонус Мин.
Поддержка Live
1 1xBet
5 000 руб. 50 руб. 24/7     Перейти
2 Melbet
100% 50 руб. 24/7     Перейти
3 PariMatch
2 500 руб. 50 руб. 24/7     Перейти
4 Mostbet
20% от депозита 50 руб. 24/7     Перейти
5 Лига ставок
500 руб. 50 руб. 24/7     Перейти
6 Fonbet
Авансовая ставка 50 руб. 24/7     Перейти

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Latest check 3 days ago. Countable Data Brief. Worldwide Audience Compare it to Top Countries Russian Federation Top Ranks Russian Federation Traffic Analysis Compare it to Subdomains Traffic Shares.

SEO Stats Compare it to Domain Registration Data Compare it to Registrar and Status No data.

If there are any taxes applicable to the Prizes, the Company may deduct the relevant amount and remit to the Tax collection Agency. The Winners will be presented with tax withholding certificates where applicable. The Company may declare a Bet invalid and will not be obliged to pay any Prize if: Prizes and other winnings in this category will automatically be deposited into Your Gaming Wallet on your Account. IF requested, you will be required to provide the valid government-issued photo 1-Х Бет Зеркало used to register the register the mobile money account associated with the Account, together with any other information that THE COMPANY may require confirmation of Your eligibility for a prize.

You further acknowledge that the prize amount may take up to 28 days to be presented to You. Pay Prizes by cheque, bank transfer, direct credit or Mobile Money if more than Ugx1, Refuse to pay a prize if You refuse to sign all the documentation required by the Insurance Underwriters in the event of claiming an insured prize or Jackpot The right to a Prize is not transferable.

No interest will be payable on any Prize, including without limitation: Any applicable taxes levied by the Ugandan Revenue Authority will be deducted from Your account. You accept that the Company has the right to send you promotional messages unless You explicitly opt out.

In the event of a Game Closure relating to an accumulator, the bet will be treated as though the closed game was not included and the pay-out will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the same In the event of a Game Closure relating to Jackpot games, please refer to the game specific rules for the relevant Jackpot game. Provide You with an opportunity to place another Bet of equivalent price; or Refund the amount paid for the defective Bet. Without limiting the effect of Rules 9. In particular, but without limitation, THE COMPANY will not be liable for any loss of profits, or any special, indirect or consequential loss, suffered or incurred by You or any holder or owner of a Bet, any person claiming a Prize during the Claim Period, or any other person that arises out of the withdrawal from any Jackpot, or from the participation or non-participation of You or any person in any Jackpot.

This includes the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in that Jackpot. Nothing in these Rules excludes or limits: The remedy in Rule You agree that You will be bound by the changes when You next play any BETCITY Game, when you next access Your Account, when you claim a Prize after the changes have become effective, or where relevant when You expressly accept the changes - whichever takes place first. The Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.

Best efforts will be made to inform Players about major modifications to these Terms and Conditions. Notwithstanding same, it is the responsibility of the Player to check for amendments and it shall be assumed that by playing, all Players have read, understand, and agree to the Terms and Conditions. The Company will respect Your privacy and shall make efforts to preserve your information in strict confidence at all times, subject to the provisions of clause 7.

However, the Company shall not be liable for any loss of data. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties except: Force Majeure: Intellectual Property: All content on our Site, SMS, Mobile service, что у букмекеров значит фора all other media and electronic platforms is owned by the Company, its affiliates and third-party contractors, and is protected by international intellectual property and copyright laws and regulations, including: No part of the Site, SMS, or Mobile service may be copied, reproduced, stored, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed, by any means or in any manner, nor may it be included in any other website or in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service including text, graphics, video, messages, code, or software, without prior written consent from the Company.

The Law отзывы бк leon underage bettingi. As such we may at any time ask you to confirm your age. Underage clients will have their accounts closed immediately and any balances forfeited. We may also suspend ANY account for any reason and ask you to come with ID to one of our offices or agents to confirm your age and identity. Individuals suspecting underage gambling are encouraged to report this to us immediately on our customer service number or via email to cs BETCITY.


Once placed, Bets cannot be cancelled or amended once the bet has been recorded in our system. Bets are not accepted in any other form telephone, email, fax, in person, etc.

Bets will only be accepted up to the advertised start time. Any bet that is inadvertently accepted, which includes an event after its start time, the bet will be cancelled. If any portion of a multiple bet is inadvertently accepted then all parts of that multiple bet will be cancelled. The minimum amount for a bet is Ugx unless otherwise stated on the website. BETCITY will take reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of all information but information is presented as a guide only.

Prices displayed on the website are indicative only and are not binding until a bet has been confirmed by us. Please refer to our betting rules for information on how we settle individual markets. All Customer offers are limited to one per person, букмекер вулкан, household address, email address, telephone number, shared computer, public library, or workplace.

We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any Customer or group of Customers. Any customer who wishes to make a formal complaint about our services should first contact our Customer Services department using the contact us form on the website or in writing to cs BETCITY. BETCITY shall endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and in all cases, shall strive to ensure that all customers are responded to within 48 hours.

Our response will include the name of the person who will be handling your complaint and a full record of the correspondence will be tracked, including our operator login credentials who has provided any response to you. If you do not believe our resolution to your complaint to be fair and transparent then you are free to request for the complaint to be escalated to a member of our Senior Management team who will personally review your complaint and make a final decision.

This information is intended for personal use only and may not be displayed in public, broadcast or used for any commercial purpose without express written consent. Copa Libertadores - Group 2. Copa Libertadores - Group 3. Copa Libertadores - Group 4. Copa Libertadores - Group 5. Copa Libertadores - Group 6. Copa Libertadores - Group 7. Copa Букмекерские конторы с оплатой картами - Group 8.

Costa Rica. Cyprus - Play Off. Czech Rep. Denmark 1. Denmark 2. Denmark 3 - East. Denmark 3 - Group lg l leon. Denmark 3 - Group 2. Denmark 3 - Group 3.

Denmark 3 - West. England - Championship. England - Conference. England - Conference North. England - Conference South. England - League 1.

England - League 2. England - Premier. England - Southern Premier League. Europa League - Group A. Europa League - Group B. Europa League - Group C. Europa League - Group D. Europa League - Group E. Europa League - Group F. Europa League - Group G. Europa League - Group H.

Europa League - Group I. Europa League - Group J. Europa League - Group K. Europa League - Group L. Europa Qual. Finland 1.

Finland 2. Finland 3 - East. Finland 3 - North. Finland 3 - South. Finland 3 - West. Finland 3a. Finland 3b. Finland 3c. France 1. France 2. France 3. Germany - Regional Bayern. Germany - Regional Nordost. Germany - Regional North. Germany - Regional Sudwest. Germany - Regional West. Germany 1. Germany 2. Germany 3. Gold Cup - Group A. Gold Cup - Group B. Gold Cup - Group C. Greece - Play off. Greece 1.

Greece 2. Iceland 1. Iceland 2. Ireland 1. Ireland 2. Israel 1.


Israel 1 - Play Off. Israel 1 - Play Out. Israel 2. Israel 2 - Play Off. Israel 2 - Play Out. Italy - Lega Pro A. Italy - Lega Pro B. Italy - Lega Pro C. Italy - Serie A. Italy - Serie B. Italy - Serie C1 A.

Italy - Serie C1 B.


Japan - League Cup - A. Japan - League Cup - B. Japan 1. Japan 2. Mexico - Cup. Mexico 1. Mexico 2. Netherlands 1. Netherlands 2. North Ireland. North Ireland - Play Off. North Ireland - Play Out. Norway 1. Norway 2. Norway 3a. Norway 3b. Norway 3c. Norway 3d. Peru - Copa Inca. Poland 1.

Poland 1 - Play Off. Poland 1 - Play Out. Poland 2. Portugal - League Cup - Group A. Portugal - League Cup - Group B. Portugal - League Cup - Group C. Portugal - League Cup - Group D.

Portugal 1. Portugal 2.

Russia 1. Russia 2. Russia 2 - Play Off. America U17 - Championship. Scotland - Championship. Scotland - League 1. Scotland - League 2. Scotland - Premier. Scotland - Premier - Play Off. Scotland - Premier - Play Out. Serbia 1. Serbia 2.