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Reddit csgo bet

Announcement Newbie Saturday March 02, - Your weekly questions thread! Daily Daily Bet Thread [Friday, Daily Daily Bet Thread [Thursday, Best site that accepts paypal deposits? Daily Daily Bet Thread [Wednesday, StarSeries i-League winner odds self. Daily Daily Bet Thread [Tuesday, Daily Daily Bet Thread [Monday, Daily Daily Bet Thread [Sunday, Daily Daily Bet Thread [Saturday, Is buff bet legit site for betting on cs go?

Announcement Newbie Saturday February 23, - Your weekly questions thread! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. G2 are definitely the slightly better team here but Orbit do have the ability to cause an upset on some maps.

1xbet зеркало рабочее на сегодня регистрации I think that if G2 have a bad day and pyth and maxie have a really good day then this game could be close.

I recommend you place a low bet on Orbit as an upset is possible although very unlikely. However, Penta had a substitute. For this match, they will be using a much stronger substitute, Troubley. Troubley is a great individual player who will be a perfect stand-in for Penta here. For the CPH Wolves side, they also have a stand-in. Friis will not be playing, so SandeN will take his place. He is definitely not as good as Friis. However they lost to Mouz on Nuke, and they lost to Fnatic on Dust2.

It just seems like they are a pretty streaky team right now, especially after playing without Strux1. They also beat Gamers2 on Mirage, and they beat Flipsid3 However they did lose to Gamers2 on Overpass. The map is Dust2.

This is pretty good for Penta, as they are pretty good for it. Now that they have a stand-in, Troubley, he also helps. Dust2 is a very good map for individual skill. Troubley is a great player and if he gets put in a 1v1 he will win it. CPH Wolves seem to be alright here, nothing special. Overall This match should go the way of Penta. Penta also have a stand-in, but it is Troubley, who is very good. I recommend placing a small-medium bet on Penta. Their lineup seems to be starting to build some good team chemistry and after a pretty shaky start they seem to be finding their comfort zone.

The only cause for concern for CW this game is that Friis will not be playing. This is a worry as he normally took the role as the main AWPer on the team which is very important when playing against Titan who have debateably the best AWPer in the world.

Titan Titan have been a bit disappointing recently because although they have been getting good scores against some of the top teams, they have been getting carried by KennyS slightly.

Titan have a pretty bad record on Season, having lost all of their 5 games played on this map, these games were last year, however, so they may have practiced since then.

Overall Overall I think that this game is going to be pretty close.

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It is very difficult to predict how this game will go since neither team have played this map in a long time. I recommend you place a low bet on CW because this game is pretty risky and it is not worth betting on Titan. I think CW could actually win this if they play as well as they did against Penta and Titan are still as bad as they used to be on Season. This is simply because they are a far more skilled and experienced team and pretty much better than Wrecking in every way.

There is also a small risk because this game is a Bo1 on an unknown map, this means that if it is a map that Wekcing are really good at and Penta are really bad at, there could be a chance of an upset.

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However, I do not think that Wrecking could beat Penta on any of the maps in the map pool simply because of the massive skill difference between these two teams. I recommend you bet high on Penta because they really should win this and even if they get DDOSed and get a bad map, they should still be able to win. FlipSid3 have been playing pretty inconsistently recently with some bad losses against teams such as CW and NiP but they have been playing completely insanely on other games such as their win against HR.

CW have been playing really well today and have already caused an upset today against Penta. CW have a new player playing for then today called SandeN, he completely carried CW vs Penta and he honestly just went crazy. This game is a very risky game to bet on because FlipSid3 have been very unreliable 1xbet выплаты and also this game is a Bo1 on an undecided map.

Even if Denial have some good strats and counters for season. I think CLG just have a pure aim and team advantage. CLG even managed to play vs Area 51 on season and winning conveniently Looking at the players on Denial i have to say, they rarely play season. It is their lowest played map in the game next to nuke. However i have to say Season is not a full comfort pick for CLG.

We would never see them try pick it in top tier best of 3 match up.

This game also means a lot to both teams so its going to be a really all in game from players perspective. We will have to see if Denial have some tricks up their sleeves to try and throw CLG off their stride. However i do think this could go really well for CLG or average for Denial. Either way Denial will have a good uphill battle.


Betting Advice This is a tad risky of a match since its a bo1 on season. However a medium bet on CLG would be a good choice. So probably a medium bet on CLG. Well lets start off by dealing with the odds. However since this is a show match and all the top teams are not wanting to show off some major strategies yet.

Fnatic dont really gain much from this match, however if TSM were to beat Fnatic, then TSM would gain a great amount of fans and support. I do think TSM will struggle though, as much as they want to win and as much as fnatic wont go all out. The odds are not in their favor. Betting Advice: Also you will be betting on them to perform well. Given that this is a show match and some katowice is coming soon, they wont try any special tactics.

So i would advice to be careful with your high-all in bets. 1xbet выплаты you can do a medium bet on fnatic if you know you can afford a potential upset. If you cannot then a low bet on TSM seems to be reasonable.

Its called an upset for a reason. Also the odds can change who you bet on. These teams have barley played each other, so the only big stats we can use is nuke. TSM dig at the time managed to beat penta Although that does not tell us much.

TSM from a statistical point of view should have the advantage.